Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time investigating the ins and outs of cults, government mind control techniques and other forms of deception and disinformation created to maintain control over individuals and the masses.

Granted I have no degree and no document to say I am an expert, but my expertise comes from first hand experience and the interactions with people who were victims of abuse by these various techniques employed by the Government as well as Cults.

To come up to speed I want to point out a very important fact about 9/11, since that time many actions have been perpetrated by the Government as well as private sector groups to instill and maintain confusion, disillusionment and despair to the point many people have become complacent and victims of a system setup by that event.

I want to make one thing clear about 9/11, no matter who perpetrated that attack, and there are many accusations that only lend themselves to the confusion, 9/11 was the greatest mind control event to ever take place in the history of the world. A key element of mind control is shock to the senses, preferably emotional, once this occurs then anger and what ever other emotions that may occur in the human psyche, become a tool for the controller.

This is a well known fact and evidence to this can be found in many places. Once the shock occurs the controller then maintains a wave of despair anger or emotional instability by constant perpetration of fear techniques that keep the Fight or Flight function of the human mind in play.

Over the years since 9/11 a long list of occurrences can be traced back to prove this is the case and Americans have been victims of one of the longest Mind Control experiments in history. I am writing this because at present we are in the throws of the final outcome of this long induced deception and our country is in grave danger of complete takeover by the forces that have been part and parcel to this deception.

Many people can be exposed as being a part of this “takeover” but at present I will refrain from pointing them out. I’m writing this to bring to the forefront what we as free citizens of the United States need to understand about this information. There will be those who will say I am insane, there will be those who will maintain this is just another crazy conspiracy nut case, there will be those who may even kill me and make it look like some poor unfortunate person took their life due to mental illness. No matter the case, I firmly believe that what I have written here is the truth.

I have been meaning to write this for some time, but the effects and purpose of this deception have never been more obvious till now, so I felt the time was right to say something. Once I clear my mind from this initial writing I will begin to point out the details of how the present administration and the many players in this deception over the years, have brought us to this place in time. One thing is certain, we as Free Citizens of the United States must stand strong and diligent against the forces that intend to take that freedom away.

True Voice aka Free D People