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America You Are In A Police State! – Last Voice for a While

While people are acting and being shocked by the actions of ISIL and blaming Obama for not being shocked as well. Free D People speaks out about the violence being perpetrated by Americas Police across the country on people of… Continue Reading →

NAFTA – The Coming Race War – America in Peril Part 1 and II

Subtitle: NAFTA Illegal Aliens – Globalization and the Coming Race War        

Liberals and Conservatives – The Big Lie – 5/8/10

Subtitle: Sticks and Stones ]

Joe Stack – Hero or Villain?

Just a few thoughts about Joe Stack, what he did and why! Free D People on a bad hair day.

No to the Auto Industry – Warning Extreme Language

A rant about the Auto Industry begging for our tax dollars. This video has extra strong explicit language, you have been warned. It’s time to stand up and say no to the begging of a failing industry. Why should we… Continue Reading →

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