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The Six Principles of Global Manipulation

What is Globalization? Globalization can be defined as the process of concentrating power over all mankind in to one person or a small group. This process has been under way throughout the whole human history and is now near completion.

NAFTA – The Coming Race War – America in Peril Part 1 and II

Subtitle: NAFTA Illegal Aliens – Globalization and the Coming Race War        

Emergnercy Broadcast – New World Order Ahead

I did not make this video. This is important imformation pass it on!! [youtube=]

No to the Auto Industry – Warning Extreme Language

A rant about the Auto Industry begging for our tax dollars. This video has extra strong explicit language, you have been warned. It’s time to stand up and say no to the begging of a failing industry. Why should we… Continue Reading →

Follow The Money: A Look at the Campaign

A close look at Obama’s top contributors and comments on the possibility that we’ve all been screwed again including the candidates. Neither candidates is a bad person but in the end if you believe the president calls the shots you… Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know, I Didn’t Get the Memo

Of CEOs, Debates, Lies and Love, an introspective moment and thoughts about the last few days. [youtube=]

451 Pages of Lies and Pork – Voice Ch21

Our Senate took a three page piece of legislation and turned it in to 451 pages of bloated bull and pork!! Now we are supposed to believe this is the solution to save us all! Stop them NOW!! [youtube=]

A More Sensible Solution than the Bailout – Voice CH20

An email came to me today and I was amused at how si… An email came to me today and I was amused at how simple and sensible the solution was compared to the insanity coming out of washington. I… Continue Reading →

Stop the Bailouts Now Before It’s Too Late – Voice Ch19

Stop the bailout of failed economic stupidity and robbery. Failure of Wall Street Giants is not a bad thing for the common people and the future of our country, This bailout will only help the greedy rich who have failed… Continue Reading →

Boycott the Olympics pt1 Voice in the Wilderness 15pt1

The Olympics in China is a personal affront to Freedom and Justice [youtube=]

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