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The Truth About 9/11 – Prelude

Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time investigating the ins and outs of cults, government mind control techniques and other forms of deception and disinformation created to maintain control over individuals and the masses. Granted I have no… Continue Reading →

America You Are In A Police State! – Last Voice for a While

While people are acting and being shocked by the actions of ISIL and blaming Obama for not being shocked as well. Free D People speaks out about the violence being perpetrated by Americas Police across the country on people of… Continue Reading →

Pedophilia Is Not Normal – The Pedophile Agenda 1/14/13

Free D People discuses the pedophile agenda. Information imparted to him in the early 80’s discloses the true nature of the Pedophile community and the danger it imposes on our society. Originally recorded in 2013 present conditions demand it’s release… Continue Reading →

The World Set Free – Totalitarianism at the Door 12/10/11

Free D People is back with more opnion and strong language. You have been warned. Free discusses the waste of money in the middle east, political impotency and the lies we have been told for so long!  

Voice in the Wilderness 12 Economic Idiocy a Boondoggle War 7/30/08

Evidence of Fannie May and Freddie Mac ownership by China and Japan. The stupidity of a bailout paid for by American taxpayers. The stupidity of a war that is wasting lives and fuel.

Prejudice, Hate and Racism Are Alive!!! (Commentary)

Prejudice, hate and racism are very much alive in America, if anyone tries to tell you different they are either lying or afraid to admit it. Many times I have encountered it myself and although I have been nothing more… Continue Reading →

Syria a Look Back – Marie Colvins Death

Now that the Syrian situation has turned in to complete madness and blood baths and insanity prevails from all sides including the U.S., Russia and China. Now that the Olympic Games debacle has done it’s job distracting every one from… Continue Reading →

Benazir Bhutto – 02 Nov 07 – Osama Bin Laden was already dead.

In this video made after her return to Pakistan and shortly after the first attempt on her life,  Benazir makes a comment that makes it very clear that Osama Bin Laden was already dead at the time of this interview… Continue Reading →

The Six Principles of Global Manipulation

What is Globalization? Globalization can be defined as the process of concentrating power over all mankind in to one person or a small group. This process has been under way throughout the whole human history and is now near completion.

NAFTA – The Coming Race War – America in Peril Part 1 and II

Subtitle: NAFTA Illegal Aliens – Globalization and the Coming Race War        

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